Private Equity Management

PEM – we like to call it reverse private equity.
Instead of going the traditional private equity route of raising capital with limited partners and deploying it following a specific investment thesis, our way of operating is designed to rapidly take advantage of identified market opportunities and develop tailor made projects, through a full scope approach with top tier services in different business areas, catering to the specific investors’ needs. As such, each project we undertake with a single investor becomes its own unique vehicle.

Through the committed, sophisticated and long-term relationships that we establish with our clients, we can bring control, accountability, cost effectiveness, superior performance and successful exits in one of the most thrilling, yet challenging activities – private equity investments.

We fully believe in the potential of our identified market opportunities and so, it is our policy to put our skin in the game. We commit our own capital to these projects ensuring our interests are entirely aligned with that of the investors.

Our current PEM Vehicles are:


Blue Sites is a Portuguese investment company that is actively building a portfolio of ground, tower, rooftop and in-building cell site leases. We offer immediate liquidity to the landlord in exchange for the right to receive the rents associated with the cell site for the agreed upon time period, thus reducing the risks associated with long-term payments.


NeoSES is an investment vehicle focused on the renewable energy sector, namely, photovoltaic energy projects. The company has projects on the solar self-consumption and energy efficiency areas and will be used as a vehicle for the build-up of a portfolio of PV production of over 150MW in areas like solar parks, self-consumption projects and energy efficiency with large domestic and international corporates bases in Portugal.