We are an independent partner-owned corporate and investment advisory firm based in Portugal focused on long-term value creation for our clients.

We are the preferred advisor for companies and entrepreneurs who want to raise capital, grow, expand or exit corporate projects. We understand that the vast majority of successful businesses are born out of the will, determination, vision and focus of risk-taking entrepreneurs and managers, and the project becomes a life-enriching experience, many times with generational impact. We understand also that many times there is only one opportunity to sell the company so they must partner with advisors who seek to maximise their return and choose the right partner for the future development of the enterprise.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, Bluemint partners understand the challenges, the dynamics and the processes that comprise any M&A deal. Finding the right partner, at the desired valuation and at the exact time, makes the real difference between successful or unsuccessful deals. We also believe that we are long term financial and strategic partners for our clients, who trust us to advise them not only during the transaction but also in future endeavours.

Bluemint partners possess the in-depth knowledge and creative thinking in order to design optimal deal structures in complex financial situations, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings, as well as equity or debt raising through either the public or the private markets.

Our path began in 2004, where we understood that the Portuguese market was underserved in terms of high-quality independent investment advisory firms and we quickly built a portfolio of national and international clients. Using our expertise, in 2014, Bluemint and Absolut Midas – a leading Portuguese investment advisory boutique – merged under the Bluemint Capital brand and joined the Globalscope international M&A network, reinforcing the scope and depth of services offered to our clients, especially regarding the potential of cross-border deals.